The Art of Breaking
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A bad case of "I have no idea what I'm even doing".

I like lots of things and gave up a long time ago to try to keep to only few fandoms.
remember me as vivid as I used to be…

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Title: Main Theme

Artist: Tokyo Ghoul OST

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Tokyo Ghoul Full OST

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You should draw a puma wearing puma shoes.








I fucking lost it here


To people who followed me for one specific fandom, I am so so sorry

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Here’s the work progress! :D (Full image here)

Btw, I noticed a lot of people on my fb and tumblr mistook a few of the posters so I’ll just clarify them now. The one on the bottom left with Nyan cat and Like a Sir is the banner for hacker group LulzSec, not a random meme insert. The Nyoro~n behind Vance is the icon for Kayla, a lulzSec hacker. The hourglass logo on the top room corner is the Wikileaks logo, not my “Countdown” drawing. Basically, all the posters in this drawing is either related to hacktivists or protesters, if you think it looks like a random meme or something else, it’s not in the context of this drawing. A lot of hackers like to use memes as their symbol so it can easily get confusing ^^;

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"Video games are my relaxation hobby" I whisper to myself through gritted teeth as I replay the same gameplay sequence for the 30th straight time with a deranged and obsessive tenacity towards reaching full completion

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Title: aLIEz

Artist: SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]

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Aldnoah Zero Ending Song - aLIEz

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i wanna give you my heart.

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I enjoy drawing him more then I like to admit hahah

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【御沢】POCKY DAY~ by 秋葉

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